Measurement of temperature, water and energy

Individual Measurement and Billing

When introducing individual measurement and billing, electricity usage can be reduced by up to 25% and hot water consumption up to 40%. Individual measurement is fair, sustainable and provides lower costs for both property owners and residents.

Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement in each apartment helps you get better knowledge of the property. Service management becomes more efficient and you can ensure that each apartment gets promised the right temperature, will resulting in more satisfied tenants. Other advantages of temperature measurement are that you can easily identify errors in heating and ventilation systems.

Visualization and analysis

EcoGuard CURVES, the easiest way to digitizing your real estate business.

EcoGuard CURVES is the open, digital platform to easily digitize the energy part of real estate operations in all types of residential and real estate stocks. With our development team, we constantly develop new services that make CURVES indispensable for day-to-day operations, sophisticated business development and easy administration.

As your organization's property management is digitized and IoT becomes a reality, you can easily customize CURVES by adding or removing services. As little hassle and as much benefit as possible simply. CURVES is developed by our own team in Sweden - Specialists in measurement collection and making the information useful.

Example of products

Air Receiver

A radio receiver with very good range and modern design. EcoGuard Air Receiver collects and sends the measurement data ​​to our cloud service CURVES CLOUD.

With GPRS (GSM) or local area network (Ethernet). The radio receiver is used for wireless measurement of EcoGuard Wireless and Wireless M-Bus.


A highly advanced sensor that provides fast and accurate measurement values. The sensor has been tested at SP (Swedish Technical Research Institute). SP writes in the test protocol; "EcoGuard temperature sensor has an inaccuracy of ± 0.15 ° C, a top class transducer".

EcoGuard Wireless
433,050–434,790 MHz


Smart communication-server that is adapted and optimized to communicate water, electricity and temperature metrics.
A Navigator receives data from meters and sensors in many locations in the property.

Support for transferring measurement values ​​to DUC and SCADA systems via IP, RS232, RS485 and protocols such as Modbus, EXOLine and WM-Share.

Our services

Calculation and Design

We have solid experience in designing and adapt measurement systems. Our project managers are responsible for the smooth running of the project and we offer free advice, as well as facilitating the work of construction and technical consultants in new property production projects.

Smart collection in the Cloud

CURVES is our cloud service for collecting measurement, visualization and analysis. CURVES provides you with a powerful tool for controlling and optimizing your energy consumption. CURVES has full support for collecting measurement values ​​for temperature, consumption of water, electricity and energy.

EcoGuard in brief

We deliver comprehensive solutions that focus on measurement technology, installation and collection of measurement data - the building blocks to digitize the energy efficiency of real estate. With our concentrated offer, it is easy for our customers to understand what we do and what benefits they can have from our knowledge, products and services. Our overall offer means that we deliver both wireless and fixed solutions with the same level of service and knowledge.

For us at EcoGuard, the most important task is to make it easy and smooth to connect properties for measurement data. For the analysis, EcoGuard CURVES takes on. There are endless opportunities to use the data that our hundreds of thousands of measurement points collect. In the future, it will be a great pleasure for us and our customers in our joint effort to create energy-efficient real estate operations.

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