Which measurement technique should I choose

Which measurement technique should I choose

Which measurement technique should I choose?

We know which measurement technique is most suitable, depending on the situation. We’re experts in installation and assembling, no matter what system you use. Contact one of our project managers for advice on which system best suits your property.

Wireless or wired collection?

Wireless collection is usually used for installation in existing buildings and ROT projects. But even in new buildings under special conditions. Wired measurement is now standard for new property productions and usually defined at the design stage. Our recommendation is to install wired measurement with ducting to each apartment and communicate measurement values ​​via IP and the internet.

Houses built before 2000

Wireless measurement is used in properties built before 2000. With EcoGuard Wireless, the range is up to 100 meters, a better range than any other solution on the market.


Even in reconstruction and ROT projects (Repairs, Conversion, Extension), wireless measurement is the most cost-effective alternative. Thanks to the longer range, EcoGuard Wireless needs fewer radio receivers, which keeps costs down.


Houses built after the year 2000

Many properties built around the millennium shift and onwards used a building construction that limited the possibilities for communication with radio signals.


For EcoGuard Wireless to receive full coverage, radio receivers are often required on every second or every third floor to be able to communicate the measurement data in and out of the house. The exception is wood-structure properties that are very well suited for EcoGuard Wireless.






EcoGuard Wireless

EcoGuard Wireless is our proprietary radio system for communication between the various units in a measurement system. The system is based on the 433 MHz radiofrequency and has a range of up to 100 meters.

When should you choose EcoFuard Wireless?

  • When measuring in existing buildings
  • Reconstruction
  • High demands on long range



EcoGuard wireless and WL M-BUS

Apartment measurement for heating system control and charging (IMD): Transmission with minute/hour intervals


EcoGuard Wireless

Wireless with requirements for excellent range and long battery life


Wireless M-Bus

Wireless, good battery life, encryption, good range



Real estate measurement Transmission at daily intervals Wireless, very good range, short battery life, rec. at lower transmitting intervals of measurement data 1-2 times/day


Nb IoT

Sensors for general measurement in real estate Wireless, 5G mobile network, Sensors for monitoring, short battery life.

Which measurement technique should I choose