A strong year

A strong year

2020 is soon ending and when summarizing the year, one quickly realizes that it has been an eventful year. No one could have predicted the progress of the pandemic and it has made a strong impression on all of us. Despite the special conditions, EcoGuard is once again making a strong year and will end its financial year with sales of SEK ~ 108 million.

I am especially proud of our fantastic staff who quickly found new ways of working, solved problems and did a solid job of ensuring and improving our processes and routines.

In 2020 EcoGuard was certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001, which we are very proud of. The certification is a step in ensuring optimal quality for our customers also in the future.

We continue with our investments going forward and we have not slowed down but continued to launch new innovations. I especially want to highlight our outdoor humidity sensors to visualize moisture supplements in Curves and our new product range with safety products such as smoke detectors and water leakage sensors.

We intend to launch our Curves mobile app soon, which will make it easier to visualize measurement data in individual apartments. With these products our customers can easily connect to existing or new infrastructure and increase control over the properties in Curves or via mobile app. The knowledge that the smoke detectors are properly installed or to be able to prevent water damage, we see as a safety for both property owners and the tenants.

In addition to developing innovative hardware, we also continue to work with soft values. In our vision 2025, one of our goals is to be the best employer in our industry. As of this year, we have in our personnel survey started measuring eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) where a result over 30 is very good. We are extremely proud that this year’s eNPS gave a result of 48. This is a sign that we are doing things right, but it is a long-term job. We continue this work and look forward to developing together with our staff and our customers in 2021.

Björn Fagerdahl, CEO of EcoGuard.

A strong year