Information about cookies

This site contains so-called cookies. According to the law on electronic communication, which came into force on July 25, 2003, should anyone visiting a website with cookies get information on:

  • that the site contains cookies
  • what these cookies are used for
  • how cookies can be avoided

CUVRVES uses a cookie to store information about logged in users. At each page scroll sends the user’s computer the cookie for CURVES, which with the help of the cookie can confirm that the user is logged in and the user does not have to enter their login details for each page. This cookie is stored on your computer’s hard drive and remains when the browser is closed. The cookie is valid for two weeks from the time of login and the validity period is continually extended when using CURVES.

In order to easily reach the last selected function and node in Monitor 3D, this is also saved in cookies with a validity of two weeks. Another cookie is used to save selections and filters in certain lists so that when you read the page you have your selection left. This cookie has a shorter validity time of one hour.

If you do not want to accept cookies, your browser can be set to automatically refuses to store cookies or is informed every time a website requests that get to store a cookie. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies. See your browser’s help pages for more information.

Read more about cookies and the law.