Smarter buildings for a healthier future

For every additional connected house that streamlines its energy and water use, the use of nature's resources is reduced.

This is EcoGuard

Our business concept

We make it easy and profitable to connect, measure and visualize measured values for less energy use and reduced energy costs.

Our vision

We connect the Nordic property portfolio. Through a comprehensive offer that makes it easy and profitable to connect the houses, we will be the given partner for energy efficiency in our customers' properties.

Important for us

These are our keywords that describe how we strive to be in every meeting - with our customers and towards each other.


We respect each other's differences. We understand that our products and services are business-critical for many customers and take responsibility for solving problems no matter where they arise.


Giving 100% and surpassing ourselves is a strong driving force for us. We are convinced that our customers and colleagues appreciate when devoting extra effort.

Customer focus

We would not be anything without our customers trust thus make sure to always keep our promises. Our products and services have a purpose - to do real good for the customer and society.

Fun at work

We want to be more than a workplace, we want to be the best employer in the market. We are a large, growing family and we, together, is what makes EcoGuard.

EcoGuard ISO certified according to 9001 & 14001

In order to live up to our customers’, partners’ and our own expectations, we are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2020. The certification means that our quality and environmental management system is approved by an outside party. In practice, this demonstrate that we work systematically with continuous improvements of our business. All to make our customers feel secure that we deliver high quality products and services with as low environmental impact as possible.

Management Team – Contact

Björn Fagerdahl
+46 73 233 01 35 | Email

Annica Ängerek
+46 72 389 68 27 | Email

Sofia Torstensson
+46 73 419 30 20 | Email

Tony Eklöf
Sales Director
+46 72 173 07 54 | Email

Andreas Svensson
Quality Director
+46 70 869 75 28 | Email

Hans Karlsson
Development Director
+46 73 986 50 77 | Email

Anders Klingvall
Project Management Director
+46 73 519 44 07 | Email


Do you want to be part of digitizing Sweden's property portfolio?

We are always interested in getting in touch with motivated people who share our mission to digitize the Swedish property portfolio. Feel free to send a self-application to:

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