”Smarter buildings for
healthier future.”

A million measuring points in 2022

In 2009 we decided to become the biggest player on the market for tools and installations of measuring solutions in residential buildings. Both we and our range were relatively unknown on the market at that time. Through closely targeted work and backed by society’s the growing interest in wireless measurement and more efficient property operation, EcoGuard has become a familiar player today.

We are now the market leader and have thus achieved the goal we set for ourselves nine years ago. But of course, we have no intention of resting on our laurels. The digitalisation of properties in the Nordic region is progressing at great rate and the demand for new types of products and services has never been higher.

Our relationship with our customers does not stop when we have sold and installed our products. In fact, this is only the beginning. With our digital platform “Curves” and our finely developed service and support solutions, we take partnership to a new level and assist our customers with the digital measurement of energy and resource consumption in properties throughout the Nordic region. We have set ourselves a new clear goal: by 2022, we are to have connected fully one million measuring points! This is an ambitious but by no means impossible task for us. We have a strong, committed team and an attractive range of products on a growing market; in short, we have everything we need to achieve our goal!

EcoGuard’s vision

”To be a complete supplier who is the preferred partner for energy efficiency improvements in our customers’ properties. We reduce environmental impact, positively influencing the heritage we pass on to future generations.”

Business concept

EcoGuard assists property owners in cutting their energy consumption and energy costs through measurement and visualisation. We do so by giving property owners, residents and tenants full control of their consumption and temperature levels.

Keywords & guiding principles

  • - Respect
  • - Commitment
  • - Customer focus
  • - Fun at work

“When I started at EcoGuard, there were just ten of us. Today, our temperature sensors are fitted in more than one in ten apartments in Sweden. This seems both utterly unrealistic and completely natural at the same time.”

- Anders Klingvall, Project Management Director

“I love working with technology and people, and that is precisely what I spend my days doing. Every day, I get to meet fantastic customers and install products that are neat and functional, with unbeatable quality.”

- Fredrik Eriksson, Fitter

Management Team – Contact

Björn Fagerdahl
+46 73 233 01 35 | Email

Annica Ängerek
+46 72 389 68 27 | Email

Sofia Torstensson
+46 73 419 30 20 | Email

Tony Eklöf
Sales Director
+46 72 173 07 54 | Email

Andreas Svensson
Quality Director
+46 70 869 75 28 | Email

Hans Karlsson
Development Director
+46 73 986 50 77 | Email

Anders Klingvall
Project Management Director
+46 73 519 44 07 | Email

EcoGuard ISO-certified to 9001 & 14001 standards

In order to live up to our customers’ and partners’ expectations – and our own – we have obtained certification in accordance with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards since 2020. The certification process entails us having our quality and environmental management systems approved by an independent third party. In practice, this involves us working systematically with ongoing improvements to our business. Everything we do in this area is intended to ensure that customers are confident in our capacity to deliver high-quality products and services with the least possible environmental impact.

Andreas Svensson, Quality Director at EcoGuard: ”It feels fantastic to know that we are now certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The certification is confirmation of our work and reinforces our position as a market leader.” If you would like to know more about this area, contact Andreas Svensson, Quality Director, on +46 19 25 21 00.


Would you like to assist with the digitalisation of Swedish properties

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