EcoGuard is a complete supplier of products, services, and support for measurement.

Through innovative products and outstanding service, we future-fit Sweden’s property portfolio. What do you want to measure?

R&D constant innovation

EcoGuard is an innovation-driven company. In development, we always strive for the highest possible levels - smart functionality, highest quality, and user-friendly design.

Sustainable property management - for real

A number of our customers, both in residential and commercial properties, have well-defined environmental goals. Measurability is a prerequisite for a sustainable future.

World-class service

We strive for quality in everything we do, and you'll see that in our installation work, our advice, and our products. Feel safe with the best service in the market.

Our latest innovations

CO₂ Sensor

An innovation for better indoor climate. A real CO₂ Sensor that measures CO₂, temperature, and humidity with two antennas for better reach.

CO₂ Sensor

Smoke- and firedetector

Our latest innovation – a family within safety. The wireless Smoke Detector connects with your system through Curves and improve safety for both residents and property owners.

Smoke- and firedetector

Air Receiver

Upgrade your Central Unit to Air Receiver and support new sensors and detectors. Intelligent collection of wireless measurement data for optimal reach, with parallel support for several radio protocols.

Air Receiver

Our offers


Our knowledge of measurement is our customers' highest confidence - we offer solutions that are optimal for their unique needs. Some of our customers prefer full systems, while others want to feel free and buy individual products.

All types of properties

We work with municipal and private property owners as well as housing cooperatives. Our system solutions fit into existing properties, new production and commercial premises.

Indoor climate

With temperature sensors in all the apartments and areas of the property, we can identify deviant temperatures for more effective customer service. Indoor temp-control enables energy savings and a better indoor climate.


IMD gives tenants understanding, control, and the possibility to payfor their own water consumption and use of electricity. Electricity consumption decreases by up to 25% and water consumption by up to 40%.


Increase the home-security with smart alarm detectors that give you full control and alarm if a situation occurs. Detectors are available for fire/smoke, door/windows monitoring or water leakage.


We have everything you need to create a complete system in your real estate, whether your system is wired or wireless.


We're specialists that see the full picture. With us, you'll always have a dedicated project manager throughout the project.


We offer a complete range of meters, sensors, and detectors for more efficient and smarter property management. We develop most of our products in Sweden.


We're experts in installation, assembling and onboarding. Our technical project managers, plumbing- and electrical installers make sure that the system is optimized, regardless of measurement technology.



Collecting the measurement data in the open digital platform Curves enables endless possibilities for a smarter and more sustainable property management. Visit Curves »

Service and support - we're with you all the way!

You can always feel confident that we're with you. We developed our service offering this year. 
Our service desk is there to answer your questions and our support team is quickly on site if needed.

Different prerequisites require different solutions.

We know which measurement technology and products are the right ones for you. We develop most of our products with support for all possible measurement techniques. Feel free to contact us. We're happy to guide you forward.

Wired measurement

Wired measurement

Wired measurement is now standard for new production and is usually defined at an early stage. We recommend installing wired measurement with ducting to each apartment enabling measurement values communication via IP and the internet.

Wireless measurement

Wireless measurement

Wireless collection is not only used for installation in existing buildings and ROT projects (Repairs, Conversion, Extension), but even in new buildings under special conditions.

EcoGuard Wireless

EcoGuard Wireless

EcoGuard WL is our proprietary radio system for communication between the various units in a measurement system. It’s the most common system in the market with more than 450,000 installed measure points and +20 years battery life.

Wireless M-Bus

Wireless M-Bus

We recommend WL M-Bus when requiring data at intervals and encryption. This is the only technology that offers such frequent measuring ranges and a battery life of over 10 years.

Latest news

What do you do with your measurement data?

Connecting your properties and starting to measure is one thing. The real benefit arises when you analyze and act on the measurement data. In addition to creating the market's best measurement hardware, we develop Curves - an open digital platform that visualizes your measurement data and makes it easy to reduce costs and increase the comfort of tenants.

The open digital plug & play platform

Curves are give you insight and control over the energy use and water consumption in your properties. Curves collects your measurement values and visualizes the data so you can easily compare over time, between properties, floors and apartments. Curves support import/export with most protocols and formats.

Visualization according to your needs

Maps - An overview of your properties to detect excess energy and fine-tune.
3D House - Visualization to identify deviations in houses.
Graphs - Base decisions on the actual temperature in all apartments.
My pages - Visualize tenants' behavior through charts for water consumption and energy use.

Experience Curves →

“We've entered a new decade, and EcoGuard's products are present in every 10th apartment in Sweden. We'll continue to digitize water, electricity, and indoor climate. We're connecting Sweden's property portfolio.”

- Björn Fagerdahl, CEO